Business View – Streetview Comes Inside

Google Maps is expanding their coverage beyond ‘streetview’ and are now beginning a project to photograph inside local businesses as well. Our Google Trusted Photographers basically pick up where the Streetview cars left off, taking the street view technology inside local business. Now, customers Googling your business can not only get to the front door of your business, but they can go right inside.

Google is the world’s most used search engine, and the primary place that your customers turn when searching for local business. By participating in the Google Business Photos project, your business can have increased exposure in Google Search, Google Maps and Google+ local, with the addition of interior and exterior images with the call to action: “look inside/outside”. These links will bring your users into a virtual tour of your business, using Google Street View Technology.

A Google Business view Tour represents an unprecedented marketing opportunity for your business. At just a fraction of the cost of a print or radio spot, your tour will be online indefinitely – and the cost per click? $0. Monthly fee? $0. Your Tour will be hosted on Google’s servers at no charge – ever.

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