Google Business View: The What, Why, Who, & When

With the launch of Google My Business, small business owners, social media managers, and marketers alike are benefiting from Google’s integration of all of their business tools into one platform. While the functionality of the applications for businesses using Google hasn’t changed, the added value comes from easy, one-step access to analytics, profiles, listings, and reviews. In addition to giving you access to all the relevant information you want to know about how your business is performing online, My Business also brings with it the launch of Google Business View – a brand new tool for every marketer’s social media repository.

What is Google Business View?

By now, most of us are familiar with Google’s Street View. Giving users the ability to “stand” in the streets with a 360° photographic view of the area, Street View made it possible for you to literally visualize the location you’re getting directions for. Taking cue from Street View’s success, Google developed Business View.
At it’s most simplistic Business View is Street View for the inside your business. With Business View you can invite your customers to take a Google Virtual Tour of your business on Google Search, Google Maps, and even Google+.

Why Do I Need Google Business View?

Humans process visual communication significantly faster than they do written; which means your customers buy products and services with their eyes first. Using Google Business View gives you a competitive advantage when it comes to getting your business in from 80% of consumers who begin their search for local services on Google. These stunning photographs turn your listing into an eye-catching invitation to your customers and prospects to explore and interact with your company. As Google Business View is still relatively new, by investing in the service you’re local listing will standout among your competitors’ listings during a search.

Who Takes the Business View Photographs?

To ensure that the quality of Business View remains elite, Google has reserved the usage of Business View to business that hire a Google Trusted Photographer to capture the images.
In order to become a GTP, there are criteria that each photographer must meet. They must also be able to demonstrate their knowledge of Google Business View and how it relates to your business.

When Should I Add Business View to Google Profiles?

Now. No, seriously. Right now.
With a minimal one-time cost to hire the photographer, a few hours to actually take the photos, and the added benefit that YOU keep the copyrights to all the photos, the added SEO benefits, and advantage you’ll have over competitors’ listings there is no reason you shouldn’t find your local photographer and get an appointment set up.

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