How it works?


1. Your business must qualify for the program, and only a Google Certified Photographer can publish your Business View on Google. Google has several rules and guidelines about what we can do. The best way is to contact us and ask if you’re a good fit!

2. Business View can be customized to fit your vision, your budget, and your company’s goals. We’re creatives at heart, so let us know if you have hopes, dreams, or even worries, and we’ll see if we can make them happen the way you want.

3. People can be in the tour, but everyone’s face in Business View must be blurred. Sorry, even business owners must blur their faces.

4. Professional facility photos are always included! Ask about what kind of photos are included with Business View. All business owners are given full rights to use these photos in marketing, and our creatives are great at getting some unique, appealing images for social media, brochures, websites, and more.

5. Lots frequently asked questions are listed in our FAQs. If you still have more questions? No problem – let’s talk on the phone. We’re happy to help any way we can, please contact us call 021-0348526.

Simple overview of the process of creating a Google Business View: As the trained and certified photographer, I will come to your business understand your needs and plan the panorama photos shot locations.

We can book a suitable date and take a series of 3D tour images, starting from the exterior, walking through the premises. I will also shoot still images to capture the interior and points of interest (POI) in your premises.

Through our professional processing, all of these photos are then uploaded to Google. Your business will be listed on Google SearchGoogle Maps, and Google+ Local.

What does it Cost?

The business owner or manager should pay the photographer directly. There is no fee to Google even they host the pano and images free. Prices start from $400+GST. Want more pricing detail, click here.

Please contact us call 021-0348526 or register here for a free quote. BP_postcard_front_2